International Research Intern Experience

Live the DREAM

There is one thing I want to talk to you. I say it as an International Research Intern Phenomenon (IRIP).  And I’m not going to stay more here to tell you how amazing and exciting feel it is because actually, it is the most beautiful thing one can experience in their Bachelors/Masters. I’m here to talk to you about something that hardly anyone mentions, maybe because it is too painful to say; and I’m not talking about Post-Intern Experience, but to say “see you soon,” “goodbye,” in general to the last greetings.

Ok, so everything starts with a crossing of looks, you look at one or more people and from then on, you know that they will be one of the most precious and unforgettable people you will have during this period (and even afterward of course). The days pass, the bond gets strengthened, and by now, every day has lived in symbiosis, without even talking to understand what the other is thinking or feeling.

Then comes the last month, and the last week, and the fateful last day. Throughout the previous week, you spend all your time organizing leaving parties with random food and music, to bridge the gap that has been created slowly, but you are not ready to accept yet. Then comes the last evening of the last day, and you look back. You see the time you spent those 3 or 6 months in front of your eyes, those months of experiences, parties and nights, in 5 seconds. And like lightning in a clear sky, everything starts to fade, slowly. The eyes begin to swell with tears, and they all turn red, the temperature begins to rise, you feel a grip on your heart and the butterflies in your stomach. Slowly the puzzle is being completed, even if you don’t want to, but it must be that way. So you start heading towards the tram/bus/train station with those two or three suitcases (full of clothes and memories) and with that group of friends that have always been close to you, and you would like that moment to last forever. But there is not. One by one, you begin to embrace everyone, hug everyone, last glances to keep in mind the beautiful faces of the people you have known. Photos and letters appear impregnated with emotions, memories, and even some ink smears. Videos and selfies of the last greeting start, a few funny words, and you remember all the good times spent together and the promises made, to transform those tears of pain into ones of joy. Then, unfortunately, the time to get on that damn bus/tram/train comes, and as long as you wait for the doors to get close, you still look for the same look that you had found months before. The doors get closed and everything around you starts to become out of focus as if you were leaving for an unknown place, which nevertheless should be home, even if in a sense, “home” is that place you are leaving.

Maybe yes, I’m running away a little too much, but I could stay here for hours or days to talk to you about all of this. And once you get back home, to your parents, relatives, and friends you have left, you will feel like an outsider, unable to recognize yourself first, then what you have around you. Indeed, maybe you will start to think that nothing around you has changed; what has changed is YOU.

Hold On


Some mornings hold so much.

She held me.

The way I needed to be held.

The way body holds bones.

The way earth holds truth.

The way love holds hearts.

I pressed my palms against the lines of her.

Felt her pulse.

Leaned into her, life against life.


Heard the stories she held in heart and which elapsed her fanatical mind.

Walking by faith the path held us.

Beckoning me on and calling me back.

And for a while I just stayed.


Because when it got really quiet and we had told each other all the stories, she whispered “Do you know you don’t always have to move?”  Don’t always have to choose.

Listen to me juvenile, you think you’re so strong and so tough. Don’t you know that sometimes it’s okay to just stay still and let yourself be held?

Darkness Isn’t Forever


It is her eyes that made me love her.

Those eyes which showed me the path to the destination of eternal love,

When I fell into her deep eyes and blended to see all other paths.

The path of happiness.

The path of my dreams turning true.

The path of light in the forever enigmatic darkness.

The path of unseen beauty of the world.

And the path to our united souls.

With her tantalising scent,

With her protective warmth,

With her soft touch,

With her dulcet voice,

With all of these I could live in a world of darkness.

Now the night has given me the dark eyes but I use them to look for eternal sunshine.



“Nothing is constant” they said

“Everything is ephemeral” they said.

They are lost in evanescent pleasures.

Games of victory and loss.

Vicious circles.

Fear of Death.

Little obsessions and little problems.

They know not, what it is like

In our world. Yours and mine.

They know not, the intensity of our insanity.

They know not, about our beliefs.

Magic. Happiness. Love.

Compassion and care.

We do not lose races. We run together.

We do not brood and cry. We hug and apologise.

We do not simply exist.

We live. We survive.

They tell stories. We are stories.

May be, time too will end.

Earth will vanish.

No proof of humanity shall exist.

But you and I ?

We will live.

Our stories will live.

Not physically. Not through the pages.

Pages tear and burn.

But the memories of them

Forever floating in the serenity of never ending space,

In this space

of thought

The ocean of ideas,

My string tied to yours,

For eternity.



Time Rolls On

FullSizeRender (5).jpg

Time flies so fast

Resonant with something

Makes us experience reminiscent thoughts

But the time rolls on and doesn’t last.

Time sometimes is a best friend

Sometimes it troll

Time ain’t got the vision end

Still like the old time rock ‘n’ roll.

As the days roll on

And the time unfolds

Time makes you numb

To the some moments you feel the most.

I look for the time

To feel me as a whole

Hands of time, please stop

Happy days shouldn’t be stole.